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My name is Brian Strahine and my life's purpose is to serve men who choose to walk the path of embodied presence so that they can be the most authentic version of themselves.  The walk on this path is not always easy.  It can include suffering and heartache.  These struggles have always been a part of the human experience.  And, incredible transformation can occur when a man chooses to face these challenges in order to realize his full potential.  This is the stuff of life!  I am honored to have this opportunity to walk with you on your journey of self-exploration, healing, and wholeness.


I combine cognitive-behavioral therapy with more than 15 years of extensive training and personal experience in mind-body practices such as yoga, mindfulness, breathwork, and embodied movement.  This is a contemporary approach to therapy that honors the whole being and seeks to bring each man's mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual energies back into balance.

man with a bag facing the mountain
man coaching fellow men


Have you recently experienced a great deal of emotional, physical, mental, or spiritual shifts in your life?  Do you desire to make sense of these changes and transform them into your next level of greatness?  Are you ready to take action and create a plan that will lead to deeper, more authentic, connection with yourself and others?  As a Coach, I can guide you on this path of self-exploration and expansion.


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