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Do Something Good For Yourself!

Cold Immersion

What is Foundation Training?

Modern life has us trained to ignore our bodies.  We fold ourselves in desk chairs and stand hunched over our phones.  Foundation Training teaches your body how to fight back against compression and stress by helping you incorporate healthy posture and efficient movement patterns into your everyday life.

Why is breathwork important? 

Breathwork boosts immunity, regulates the nervous system, releases repressed tension, stress, and anxiety, activates delta brain waves that lead to a meditative state, and delivers oxygen to tissues and cells including brain cells, the most metabolically active cells in the body.

How does cold exposure benefit my overall health?

Cold water exposure promotes cardiovascular circulation, reduces muscle inflammation, increases energy and focus through the release of epinephrine and norepinephrine, enhances mood through the prolonged release of dopamine, builds resiliency, and increases brown fat thermogenesis, which can boost core body metabolism.  

10:00AM - 12:30PM

1911 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

This event is for everyone who wants to do something good for themselves after a long Labor Day weekend.  Treat yourself to a few hours away from family and friends, or bring them along!  Participate in 3 life-changing practices that will have you feeling rejuvenated and ready to tackle the rest of your week, or your life, with confidence.




About Brian

Movement has always been a part of my life.  As a kid, I played every sport possible.  My Mom did not have much of a social life because she spent her free time car-pooling me around town.  If I wasn't at a practice or game, I was building a fort in the woods with my friends.  I ended up choosing football as my primary passion and played in college.  I started running after college to stay in shape and competed in triathlons.  I eventually became a yoga teacher and learned how specific practices such as stretching, breathing deeply, and exposing my body to cold temperatures could heal my body from a lifetime of very physical activity.










About Josh

 At 31, I had my first back surgery - an artificial disc implanted in between cervical vertebrae 6 and 7.  My pain progressed from nagging to persistent to chronic and debilitating.  Not being able to walk without pain and struggling daily to do basic things for myself, I looked to physical therapy, traction therapy, inversion tables, zero gravity chairs, painkillers, muscle relaxers and cortisone shots for relief. You name it; I tried it.  Facing another major surgery or a life of chronic pain, I discovered Foundation Training and it changed everything.

man in an icebath
man doing a pose trying to get a perfect shadow pose
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