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Are you ready to courageously embody the values of your heart?

November 1-3, 2024
YMCA Camp Thunderbird
1 Thunderbird Lane
Lake Wylie, SC 29710


This is more than a retreat.  It is a Call to Action for The Man who is ready to move beyond relationships that are soul-sucking so that he can courageously explore the depths of his heart.  Throughout our time together, we will navigate the 5 Vessels of this heart-centered work:

1. Core Systems

2. Connected Health

3. Communication

4. Creativity

5. Community

At the end of the retreat, you will be equipped with a set of skills that will lead you into the next great adventure of your life.  And, a Brotherhood that will be there to support you along the way.  Watch the video to learn more.  It's Time!


Vessel #1: Core Systems

The first vessel will lead you to a deeper understanding of the central nervous system and how internal and external stressors can serve to amp it up or shut it down.  You will learn how to regulate your nervous system with specific practices that can be accessed throughout your day.


Vessel #2: Connected Health

The second vessel will lead you to a deeper understanding of the different areas of health that are closely connected.  We take a holistic approach to wellness that appreciates how each part of our lives is impacted by the others.  You will learn specific skills that will help you maintain balance and stability.


Vessel #3: Communication

The third vessel will lead you to a deeper understanding of your values and how you can communicate with others in a way that is clear, concise, and consistent.  Throughout the weekend, you will have the opportunity to practice specific communication skills that empower you to live with integrity and confidence.


Vessel #4: Creativity

The fourth vessel will lead you to a deeper understanding of how to celebrate your body and its ability to create art and express ideas.  You will learn physical practices that hone your senses and bring focus to your emotions and intentions.  As you explore your creative essence, you will begin to dismantle the gender matrix that is undermining your masculinity.


Vessel #5: Community

Every Man needs to be a part of a community of men that can challenge him to be the very best version of himself.  We were never meant to live in isolation and this is your opportunity to surround yourself with a group of men that embodies its values.  The moments of hiding in shame and guilt are over.  It's time to raise each other up!


This Early Bird Investment will remain until August 1st.  Then it will change to the Regular Investment of $715.
Why wait?  Commit today.


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The retreat will begin on Friday, November 1st at 1:00pm.  The retreat will end at 3:00pm on Sunday, November 3rd.  We will gather at YMCA Camp Thunderbird and stay on campus for the entire weekend.  Meals will be served by the camp's incredible culinary staff and we will stay in the dorms.  This retreat is open to The Man who is ready to move beyond limiting beliefs, unhealthy behaviors, and dysfunctional approaches to managing and expressing emotions.  If you are ready to show yourself, and the world, that you are here to serve your greatest potential then register today.  It's time to invest in yourself!


Meet the Leaders:










About Brian

I have felt called to build community with men my entire life.  My soul desires to learn from, and grow with, other men in order to make our world a healthier and more courageous place for everyone.  I am especially interested in learning about my ancestors, their sacred wisdom traditions, and how they honored the planet.  During my first dark night of the soul, I was introduced to mindfulness meditation and the practice transformed my life.  Since then, I have discovered other practices such as yoga, breathwork, chanting, and sound healing that have served to ground me during times when I have felt unsettled.  These practices inform my professional orientation as a clinical mental health therapist and coach for men.  I have a Master of Science degree in School Counseling and Doctor of Education degree in Learning Organizations and Strategic Change.  I am a 500-hour Registered Yoga Teacher with more than 1,000 hours of teaching experience.




About Asher

I am a Licensed Massage and Body Therapist and Natural Movement Specialist and I've been practicing for more than 15 years.  I have a deep passion for learning how our ancestors moved about on this planet.  I value moving my body in ways that it was intended to move and rewriting the many narratives about how we have been taught to sit at a desk for hours at a time.  This is not healthy and I am ready to take you on a journey to embodying the movements that will set you free.













About Mason

I am the lead chiropractor and owner of The Gift of Chiropractic, a vitalistic chiropractic studio here in Charlotte, North Carolina.  My purpose is simple: to facilitate the healing process from within, through connection-based Chiropractic care.  I recognize and celebrate the innate wisdom within each of us that allows us to live in greater connection with ourselves and others.  This wisdom helps us heal, adapt, and evolve through ALL of our life experiences.  I hold space with the intention of establishing safety in the nervous system so that you can rediscover what it means and feels like to connect to your body.  This connection allows you to heal from within, experience life with more ease, freedom, and from the present moment. 













About Jack

I've been an educator since 1998.  I've studied, taught, choreographed, amd performed throughout the USA and Europe.  I began my coaching career in 2002, working with celebrities at The Sports Club LA in Manhattan.  In 2020, I became an ISSA Elite Trainer and in 2023 I was promoted to ISSA Master Trainer.  I earned a Master of Fine Arts in Choreography from UCLA and my work as a dancer has focused on multimedia performance art that addresses issues concerning gender, identity, and chakral bodies.  I love cats, chocolate, and Janet Jackson.



I participated in the month-long Men's Sacred Liberation in January.  I knew going in that I would be challenging myself which was the point, but what I wasn't aware of was how transformative it would actually be.  And not just by the challenges and weekly events, those were fun and tough and super strengthening, but the connections I made with other men were the real gold.  This experience is designed so intentionally that you continue to uncover benefits and rewards LONG after the completion.  Charlotte (and the world) is so desperate for something like this and my new brothers, Brian and Robert, have done it!  They have created the program that will bring men together in a way that we all innately desire.  If you are a man and you feel like something is missing in your life, look no further.

Robbie S., January 2023 Participant

I am extremely grateful to have participated in the Men's Liberation experience.  It made an indelible impression on my life because I met many likeminded men, had several first time experiences, and challenged myself in unique ways that allowed significant breakthroughs in different parts of my life.  I think every man in Charlotte should participate in this offering!

Dom D., January 2023 Participant

I had a really transformative experience for celebrating my continually advancing life journey yesterday.  I spent all day at a spiritual liberation retreat event for men to learn more about and grow in my own spirituality among my fellow men.  It was amazing to learn, share, grow, and become more comfortable and confident in both my masculine and feminine energies through many activities and challenging connections.  I am grateful for the experiences I was able to share with the men I met yesterday and my opportunity to be brave and vulnerable with them in many ways while learning more about the resources available within the spiritual community near me.  I look forward to the opportunities to continue growing and further bonding within this community.

Jon A., April 2023 Participant

I wanted to share how much I enjoyed our day together and what an amazing experience it was for me.  There were so many great conversations and so much great connectivity as we went through the activities of the day - which were all fantastic!  I hope there are some opportunities to do a day like that again soon.  Thanks to Brian, Robert, and the team that put together such a powerful event!  And, thanks to all my brothers, especially Sergio, for being such a good partner during the day!

Adam V., July 2023 Participant

I was really blown away by the organization of the day.  Even when it rained, a "Plan B" was quickly implemented seamlessly to continue with the program.  I can say without hesitation that I will come down for more of what Brian and Robert offer, even though it is a 2-hour drive.  So, guys, if you desire to be a part of a Band of Brothers in a non-judgmental space to do some work, I encourage you to check them out!  And, I returned refreshed and very grounded for my day at the office.

Robert R., July 2023 Participant

I am extremely grateful for the space that has been created for these liberation events.  It is very life affirming to be able to retreat for a short while into such an authentic space, that is equal parts challenging and fun, and to do this within a community of other men on similar paths.  I have had great experiences and met a handful of really great guys.  I can't wait to come back for another liberation event!!

Michael D., January and July 2023 and March 2024 Participant

Wow!  There is so much I could share about the retreat weekend and the immediate impact the experience has already had in my life.  As a father working to connect with his son (20), sharing this time together created a space for us to really "see" each other for who we are and working to become.  As a husband striving to BE the man she deserves to experience, the internal strength I gained from these events had a powerful impact on who my wife sees in me.  This is a game changer for our relationship.  But most importantly, what will I take with from this Men's Liberation Retreat?  The necessity of having boundaries and being able to clearly and effectively voice what will and won't be allowed in them.  To BE in the presence of such a large group of men, ALL of whom are desiring to open up and share, creates an environment for experiencing how the journey of Life is meant to go, Together!  I can't wait until November 1st!!  Much love to everyone I shared the weekend with!

Wes H., March 2024 Participant

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