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Sacred Sound Bath.png

Sacred Sound Bath

August 20, 2023
7:00PM - 8:30PM

1911 Central Avenue
Charlotte, NC 28205

This event is for everyone who desires to rest in a space of healing vibrations.  You are invited to come and bathe in these vibrations as I take you on a journey with the help of several different instruments including crystal singing bowls, frame drums, chimes, shakers, and a didgeridoo.  Bring a yoga mat, eye cover, blanket, and cushion or pillow and allow your entire being to explore.  This is a donation-based offering and everyone is invited to attend.  Space is limited so arrive early in order to secure a space.



About Brian

I first became aware of the powerful potential of sound when I was invited to chant sacred mantras at a yoga retreat 12 years ago.  After chanting alone in the car to a CD by Krishna Das, a world-renowned vocalist, for many months I completed a healing sounds intensive training for mental health professionals with Jonathan and Andi Goldman.  Look him up on Spotify, you will not be disappointed.  I eventually discovered that the voice, coupled with the vibrations of different instruments, can truly transform a person's life.  I eventually trained as a Sound Healer and Sound Therapist at Creating Frequencies in Charlotte, North Carolina, and continue to share the medicinal vibrations of my voice and instruments with others.



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